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"Requirements, when clearly defined, resolve to all stakeholders any question about articulated outcomes."

"BPM products like PEGA PRPC HELP YOUR BUSINESS Manage their workflow with automated procsses."

"We use Rules Validation to prove all the rules are functionally delivering as designed."

"Test Data Management saves you more money than it costs to implent it!"

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We provide the Services you need for the Mission you have.

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Business Process Management

We have 8 years of hands on Delivery and QA of Pega PRPC from version 4.3 up to the present version of 7.1.+. We are specialists in molding the business Requirements into Functionality (using the Pega DCO Process), Workflows and Rules. We design streamlined, automated workflows in Pega that capture the essence of your business. This provides a standardization of process, financial savings and secure processes with efficiency. We are also the unique Provider for Automation of Pega using its own native tools (Shown at PegaWord for 4 years). Pega is the Leader in Business Process Managaement and has led the field in BPM for over 25 yrs.

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Deep Insurance Operations Experience

The founder of 2100 Solutions, Bill Fulbright, began his working career as a partner in the Insurance Agency Business. His family's Agency was the leading force in writing Group Life and Health for Municipalities, School Districts, Heavy Manufacturing, as well as normal businesses. The agency provided Property and Casualty for Commercial Insurance, General Liability, Medical and Legal Malpractice, Liability Umbrellas, Personal and Specialty Lines Inland Marine lines of Business. One of our unique offerings was "Claims Processing" for all the group life and health claims. Today, that knowledge is invaluable in servicing our IT/QA customers with a deep knowledge of coverages, claims and operations.

He joined Alexander and Alexander of Texas, now AON after 7 years of growing the family business. At A'&'A, as a National Account Executive for the Fleming Food Company, he single-handedly built the Group Insurance Program benefit structure, underwrote the experience, advised Travelers the premiums to charge the customer, Fleming. Once the program was in place he traveled the South and Midwest to sell the plan to grocery stores in the Fleming distribution chain. Today this wide exposure to the operational and sales side of insurance gives our consulting the needed vision for completing and delivering Applications and Platforms.

E commerce

E-Commerce / EDI

We have a deep background in analyzing and integrating interfaces for EDI, Credit Cards, Insurance, Banking, POS, eCommerce. The formatting and mapping of these critical data are tuned for transmision through your system and to your customers.

Bus arch

Business Architecture

The key to every successful launch is the depth and clarity of the Requirements. This translation of Business need into a framework and Architecture that makes the Requirements a reality is where we really shine. Strategy, Functionality, Integration, Business Flows, and Delivery of the End Product.

Rest api


REST and RESTful architectures allow the use of APIs to create structure for your resources, interfaces and dynamic data, and provide extensibility to grow with your neds. APIs facilitate ease of maintenance, and traceability. It is also data agnostic, meaning it can transmit data in many formats: text, html, xml, json, etc.

Perf load

Performance: Load & Stress

Without an inclusion of Performance assessment, diagnosis and prognisis, a system is bound to have risks. Some known and seen, others not yet discovered or understood. When an organization goes through a change, a system impacted with new projects, or the preparations for expanding business from existing customers, performance and load testing help pave the way.

Why you may ask? In order for any assessment of a system to be effective, it must be decomposed from the end point of delivered services backwards through the system paths to their orignation points. File volume, size, type, protocols, services through which it passes, source, all the touch points along the way, and finally delivery

There are multiple paths necessary to include the parameters of the delivered product which should be defined and tested. This is the User Community Model, which captures the primary paths of the load and usage - revealing the privary flows that need support. It is this process that makes a system perform for your customer that will keep them coming back.

Business Transformation

Enterprise Transformation

Things have changed. Really.. they have! We are in a new world of capabilities that enhance and support speed to market, extensible expansion, big data, new languages of code and methods to handle the transfer of data through the system. Better Security, more robust, mostly reusable - in short the days of 'static' and 'manual' are becoming words of the past. Replaced with 'dynamic', 'automated', RESTful API, Data Behavior, etc.

Transforming one's 'present state' into a higher level of enablement using the latest coding and solutions available will keep your system part of the ever renewing technology we use every day, as well as your competitors.

The investment into system transformation will keep you competitive, more fluent with your own processes, and best of all, provide your customers with the service level they expect.

Test Data Management

Test Data Management

We manage data. Find it, Fix it, Prep it, Mask it, coordinat it, manufacture new data, This makes testing happen, proves the development is good, and vailidates the Business's expectations

The investment into Test Data Management will keep you competitive, more fluent with your own processes, and best of all, provide your customers with the service level they expect.

Ruby Programming

Ruby Programming

Ruby scripts designed to do whatever your heart desires. Here is a program, designed to reveal your income / salary after applying your annual bonus to it. Sounds easy, but it'snot

If you would like to see a simple Ruby Program I wrote to capture and calculate your Annual Salary + your Bonus click in the box!
Income Bonus and Salary Calculator

Client Portfolio

Services provided to these companies for 22 years!

Insurance Domain

Financial Services / Cards Services Domain


Vendor Management Service

About 2100 Solutions

How we came to be.

  • 1974-1984

    Insurance Agency

    Partner in a multi-line Independent Agency. Products and licenses included: Property and Casualty - Commercial, Personal; Life Insurance; Group Health Insurance; Disability Insurance, Umbrella Liability, Medical MalPractice Liability, Health Insurance Claims Processing and Payments. After 7 years growing the agency to 2.5 times it's original volumes, I was hired by Alexander and Alexander of Texas as an Account Executtive for The Fleming Food Corporation.

  • 1984-1995

    Fulbright Consulting

    Co-Founded a Management Consulting firm specializing in Organization Development, Re-Orgs, and Trainings. This evolved into helping our clients create Executive Summaries and Business Plans for the purpose of acquiring Joint Venture Capital. Customer base included: President's Health Clubs, General Dynamics, IRS, Ebby Halliday Realtors, MCI, and local businesses. Created a Mexican corporation "Soluciones Superiores, SA de CV, and lived in Mexico for 1.5 years assisting Mexican clientele with Management Consulting and Joint Venture Capital acquisitions."

  • 1995-1999

    Our Humble Beginnings as an IT Consultant

    Co-Founded a Mortgage Company, HomeFair Mortgage, operating in two Texas cities, which specialized in B, C and D loan paper. We purchased Distressed Property for our ReHab and ReSale program. Created and a live Call Center driven by one of the first digital IVR systems, using Telemagic CRM for contact management and script automation for the Call Center.

  • March 1999-2007

    2100 Solutions is born

    Having entered the wild and wooly world of independent Consulting in the IT business, (after all the Call Center/IVR business) we needed a brand. 2100 Solutions is an outgrowth of the former Soluciones Superiores, SA de CV, whose purpose is to represent our presence as an organization in the Business Analysis, Architecture, Process Design, Development, QA and Testing domains. During this phase - 6 mos. with Convergys for the Y2K; 6 mo. with Sunglass Hut; 3 years with CITIGROUP LATAM: installing Vision Plus in 9 Latin American Companies; 2 years with Bank of America's Card Service Center in Phoenix, AZ, 2 yrs with The Home Depot

  • 2007-Present

    Transition to Full Service

    January of 2007 started with Capgemini as a Project Manager and Testing Manager on a project for AIG implementing aPega PRPC Automobile Policy Administration platform, an Automated XML Rules Validation Accelerator, and a Rate Matching engine for 39 U.S. States. Following this was many engangements with either Insurance Companies or Banks implementing Credit Card systems. As a result, we became proficient in Project Management, Estimations, Assessments, TCOE, and Pega PRPC. Today, we are providing services that are a combination of many of these areas of expertise: Insurance, Claims, Pega, Architecture, etc.

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    Of Our

Our Amazing Team

It took many years of ardent searching, but now, we have the perfect team!!

Bill Fulbright

Chief Visioneer

"Groucho" Fulbright

QA Practice Lead, part time SDET, test comic

"Jack" Fulbright

Lead Developer: Web, Pega 7.1, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Cucumber

If there is a way, we will find it, if there is not a way, we will make it!


Some examples of our work:

"eWorkflow" Pega PRPC Implementation

A workflow management and monitoring application for Automobile Insurance - Policy Management and Maintenance. Delivered to Fireman's Fund Insurance Co.

"eRater" Pega PRPC Implementation

A business process workflow application to enable automobile policy quotes and policy administration in 38 States. Delivered to AIG Agency Auto

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